Hello, and welcome to the Riley Programming site! This is my own little corner of the world wide web, where I'll be posting about my personal thoughts and projects, and perhaps occasionally entertaining those of you who share my sense of humour and adventure...

This website is something of a restoration project, as I had a personal website many years ago. However, it's also a fresh start. When I first restarted this in 2016, I planned on trying out several web frameworks such as Spring MVC and Apache Wicket. But the world of web frameworks moves rather quickly... Today in 2019, I'm now considering moving to a new web host where I can get myself acquainted with Node.js frameworks such as Angular or React.

Start by visiting my blog page to see what I'm up to, and what's coming soon.



At the beginning of August 2019, I started an account over on I began creating some simple 2D games -- partially for fun, and partially to build back up my experience level in game design. So far, I've released a "Pong" clone, and a "Snake" clone. Check the sidebar to the right, or my GitHub account, for source code and releases!

As I explore new technologies or frameworks, I'll be blogging my progress and posting how-to articles. So keep coming back to see how it's going, or hop over to the Contact page to offer suggestions!


Years ago, I was heavily invested in producing short computer-animated films, sometimes referred to as Machinima, using Lionhead Studios' The Movies. I've posted all of my past work on my Youtube channel, Riley Entertainment, which you can find on the Movies page!

Lately, I've been spending a lot of my virtual time flying spaceships in Eve Online. My most recent personal project involved documenting a slightly more obscure aspect of the game known as the Cosmos. You can find the 24-part video guide on my Youtube channel!

Recent Updates

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