Yan Jung Relic Site - Deltole

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Room 1 - Hidden Path

The first room of this site is guarded by a small group of Serpentis, including three tackle frigates. You must have the Passkey to the Yan Jung Relic Site to enter the site, which is a reward from running the Cosmos mission chain titled "Path to Enlightenment" from agent Sebast Mathon.

Room 1 - Hidden Path
Group Location Ship Types Notes
3x Serpentis Frigates (Serpentis Scavenger)
4x Serpentis Cruisers (Serpentis Treasure Hunter)

Room 2 - Gargoyle Sentinel

The second room of this site is guarded by an array of Yan Jung gun and missile batteries, along with a single Serpentis cruiser. The Yan Jung Gargoyle drops the Gargoyle Passkey, which is needed to enter the next acceleration gate.

Room 2 - Gargoyle Sentinel
Group Location Ship Types Notes
Surrounding the Gate to the Relic Site
6x Yan Jung Gun Battery
6x Yan Jung Gun Missile Battery
1x Serpentis Cruiser (Lost Serpentis Explorer)
Yan Jung Gargoyle drops the Gargoyle Passkey

Room 3 - Relic Site

The third and final room of this site has a large group of Yan Jung that can be hacked using a Relic Analyzer. The containers have a variety of Yan Jung materials, as well as the Yan Jung Technology skill book. The room is guarded by many Serpentis, led by two battleships and five elite frigates.

Room 3 - Relic Site
Group Location Ship Types Notes
1 Near Entry Beacon
1x Serpentis Frigate (Serpentis Scavenger)
3x Serpentis Cruisers (Serpentis Treasure Hunter)
Immediate Aggression
2 Amongst Yan Jung Containers
4x Serpentis Frigates (Serpentis Scavenger)
2x Serpentis Battleships (Serpentis Archaeologist)
Immediate Aggression
3 Amongst Yan Jung Containers
(4x) 3x Serpentis Cruisers (Serpentis Treasure Hunter)
Cruisers aggress Drones or nearby ships, otherwise return to starting location
Impaired and Broken Monuments contain:
Yan Jung Silk Armor
Yan Jung Plenary Wire
Yan Jung Void Machine
Yan Jung Thunder Kite
Yan Jung Nano Fabric (extremely rare)
Yan Jung Tachyon Stetoscope (extremely rare)
Pulsing and Intact Crystals contain:
Yan Jung Technology skill book
Yan Jung Semiotic Theory
Yan Jung Trigonometric Laws
Yan Jung Singularity Fact Sheet (extremely rare)